Vulcan Apprentice Training Brochure Circa 1948


This brochure would have made your average youngsters eyes pop out in the late 1940's, little did they know that the last steam locomotive would roll out of the works just  6 or 7 years later.

A Career In Locomotive Building
Page 1
Vulcan Foundry Aerial Photograph
Page 2
Vulcan Foundry Training Scheme
Page 3
Vulcan Built Locomotive India
Page 4
Flanging a Locomotive Smokebox Tubeplate
Page 5
Fitting Locomotive Pistons and Crossheads
Page 6
A Corner of the Iron Foundry
Page 7
Apprentices in action
Page 8
Milling, Slotting & the Pattern Shop
Page 9
Casting in the Vulcan Iron Foundry
Page 10
Test Steaming a Vulcan Locomotive
Page 11
Chopped something off have we
Page 12
Vulcan Institute & Offices
Page 13
Time for leisure activities
Page 14
Stanier 8F
Page 15